You may know me already as Dead End or Seid from deviantart or one of my other tumblr blogs.

Dead End Crafts is the little pen name I use for any of my work that artisan craft related. I do a lot plushies, lots of OCs to video game and comic book characters. I'm trying to do some of my own original dolls and hope to show those off soon.

I am currently not accepting commissions/custom orders. You can always ask, I dont mind. Otherwise just watch for when I announce an open slot or two.


My first MLP pony finally finished. And eventually will be for sale on etsy once I decide on a price. How much would you pay for it?

  1. felt-twilight-sparkle answered: I’d say post it for about $40. It’s really well done, and if there’s enough people interested that bid price will skyrocket!
  2. bloodybrokenprincess answered: 20-30$
  3. deadcanon answered: all the money in the world :D
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