1. How much would you pay for this?

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    3. drmatt73 answered: 45$, tops. 30$ sounds reasonable to me.
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      I would pay any amount. any amount.
    5. p2iioniicanon answered: […I will double that offer.]
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      (a kijillion dollars)
    7. neko-means-cat answered: These are great! I’d probably buy them for around 15 or 20 dollars.
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    9. fight-of-cyrus answered: 30…or my left hand pinkey finger.
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      …….not if he’s gonna kill me in my sleep, no.
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      $25~40ish depending on how big these are *-*
    13. cinderboxcomics answered: 5 dollars
    14. quitewilde answered: all of my moneyy
    15. tooo-punk answered: I would pay money for this.
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    17. ssurrage answered: $25
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    19. hungryghoast answered: probably upwards of $30
    20. defendthecube answered: One Skrillion!
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    22. akhrati answered: More than thirty dollars. I want it!
    23. couragebatou answered: Probably betweenn 15 to 25 dollars, perhaps 30.
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      I want one of these Dark Souls dolls, so so bad!

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