You may know me already as Dead End or Seid from deviantart or one of my other tumblr blogs.

Dead End Crafts is the little pen name I use for any of my work that artisan craft related. I do a lot plushies, lots of OCs to video game and comic book characters. I'm trying to do some of my own original dolls and hope to show those off soon.

I am currently not accepting commissions/custom orders. You can always ask, I dont mind. Otherwise just watch for when I announce an open slot or two.



So most of my friends already know but I haven’t officially announced it. So here it is.

In exactly one week I’ll be moving to Florida. Wtf.


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So because of the move and being uncertain of how long it’ll take to settle in. And mostly because I dont know what my work area will be like over there, I have to postpone opening for commissions. I apologize to anyone who’s been waiting.

Once I’ve settled, I’ll update on how things are. I might able to open for a very limited number of commissions.

ask-flux-chord asked
Hey, sorry if I'm asking an obvious and prolly frequently asked question, but how much do your small plushes cost? I was thinkin' of commishing a miniplush of some Dark Souls character. Sword and Shield (if owned) included.

Unfortunately at this very moment I’m not open for commissions but I hope to be very very soon. In a couple weeks time but I cant keep my word on that.

When I do open for commissions again, starting price is 25 dollars but this is just something of “commisssion fee”, I guess, not sure what else to call it. That will only cover material costs such as fabrics and packaging. And thats for any size plush, including the smaller 4 inch soft figures that I’ve done a lot for Dark Souls. -Depending on the complexity of the character the price goes up from there, factoring in how much time goes into construction and lastly on top of that is always the cost of shipping. Which I know is sounding like a lot of money.

For a lot of my Dark Souls dolls, I dont have a pattern I use to quickly pump out a doll. I have a pattern for the base but then everything else is cut and sewn around the doll making each one uniquely one of a kind. And I put a lot of time into all my plush, especially when I know its going to fan who loves the character so much.

Ideally, when I do start commissions again, I want to charge 10 dollars for each day I work on a plush and this would go on top of that 25 dollar commission fee. And to be clear, the amount of plush work I do in one day is 4-5 hours. So asking for 10 dollars for 5 hours of work is absurd for me because I’m being cruelly underpaid. This is a labor of love for me though which is how I can bare to work for so little. So if the price of my commissions is too much for anyone, please understand I’m trying to keep the price as low as I can without cheating myself.

When I do open again for commissions, I’ll be releasing more information about costs and such. -At that time if you have a character in mind, you can always message me for an estimate on how much it’d be. I’ve actually already have a small line of people waiting for me to reopen.

Thank you for your question though! If you have any more, please dont hesitate to ask.

Its been a while since I’ve made any kind of plush doll. Sorry to those who left me asks about more Dark Souls dolls. Dark Souls was something I immensely enjoyed with my ex and since our separation I’ve had to distance myself from a lot of things I loved.

Fear not! Its always been my plan to make lovely dolls of all the ladies from Dark Souls, so if this new process I’m experimenting with works out I think I’ll be using it to make a series of Dark Souls dolls, over fandoms and some of my own original ones.

Above are concepts I’ve sketched out for my proto-type and first doll. I’ve named her Miss Mourning. Her arms posed like that because eventually she’ll be cradling the skulls my two pet rats. Sorry if I’m being morbid.

Anyway! Just wanted to say I’m still alive!

More Rave Lords up for sale soon

Working a slight redesign of my Grave Lord Nito. Hoping to make a small batch to sell for the holidays. Five at most.

they-all-left-to-the-rapture asked
I'm just wondering, are you planning on making any more tiny tarkus' in the future?

I’m sorry to say that I wont be making any more Dark Souls plush/soft figures for a long long while to come. And if I do it will be of the lovely ladies like Priscilla and Quelaag.

vammar asked
hey, oscar came in the mail today, and i gotta say it was worth the cash! he looks nice and imposing while he guards my desktop. hahaha! props, man!

You’re welcome, man!

alexdraw asked
Hey I just found your blog and I am super impressed! I saw you're not taking commisions or custom orders but I would LOVE a Solaire. Is there a chance you'd make more and if so how much would it cost? Thanks

I dont plan on taking any commissions for a long while. At least a few more months. And Solaire is at the bottom of my list now on plush I want to make to sell in my etsy store. Sorry. If I was, he’d be minimum 50-60 dollars.

I am considering putting together small kits with pattern pieces, material and instructions on how to make your own. Those would be sold for about 20 dollars but its also something that I wouldnt get to for couple more months at the very least. That would also depend on how many would be interested in purchasing a kit.

4 inch Oscar of Astora soft figure FOR SALE.

This is the last and only Oscar we have left. I dont take custom orders anymore and I dont plan on ever making another Oscar to sell.

I wont lie, he’s expensive. Entirely hand stitched and probably the most detailed Oscar that we ever made. This was the one we decided to keep for ourselves but now its time to part ways.

Etsy Listing

I’ve got all four Solaires finished and as happy as I am with how they came out I dont plan on making any more for a very long time if ever. Shipping them out tomorrow hopefully before work. Will be very happy to see them off.